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I.D.A. Policies & Reports

I.D.A.  Policies

Organizational Documents
Organizational Chart

Mission Statement
HCIDA Investment Policy
Travel Reimbursement
Code of Ethics
Conflict of Interest
Model Audit Committee Charter
Property Disposition
Property Owned by the IDA
Model Governance Committee Charter
Uniform Tax Exempt Policy
Procurement Policy
Harassment Policy
Investment Policy - Schedule of Eligible Securities
Freedom of Information Law Policy 
Discretionary Funds Policy
Loan and Project Fees Policy 


I.D.A. Reports

2016 Measurement Report
2016 Real Property Report
2016 Investment Report
2016 Budget
2016 Internal Control Effectiveness
2016 Operations and Accomplishments
2016 Independent Auditor's Report
2016 Auditor's Report on Internal Control

2015 Measurement Report
2015 Real Property Report
2015 Investment Report
2015 Budget
2015 Internal Control Effectiveness
2015 Operations and Accomplishments
2015 Independent Auditor's Report
2015 Auditor's Report on Internal Control

2014 Measurement Report
2014 Real Property Report
2014 Investment Report
2014 Budget
2014 Internal Control Effectiveness
2014 Operations and Accomplishments
2014 Independent Auditor's Report
2014 Auditor's Report on Internal Control


2013 Measurement Report
2013 Real Property Report
2013 Investment Report
2013 Budget
2013 Internal Control Effectiveness
2013 Operations and Accomplishments

2012 Measurement Report
2012 Real Property Report
2012 Investment Report
2012 Budget
2012 Internal Control Effectiveness
2012 Operations and Accomplishments

2011 Measurement Report
2011 Budget
2011 Real Property Report
Hamilton County IDA 2011
2011 Hamilton County Industrial Development Authority 
2011 Internal Control Effectiveness 2011 Operations and Accomplishments
2011 IDA Audit
2011 IDA Audit Letter
2011 IDA Budget

2010 IDA Operations and Accomplishments

2010 Hamco IDA Audit Report