agenda_res._feb._2_2017.pdf443.82 KB
agenda_continued_feb._2_2017.pdf327.82 KB
agenda_res._dec._16_2016.pdf400.27 KB
agenda_continued_jan._5_2017.pdf333.4 KB
agenda_res._jan._5_2017.pdf348.42 KB
agenda_res._feb._2_2017.pdf443.81 KB
agenda_ida_2_2_2017.pdf139.91 KB
agenda_continued_feb._2_2017.pdf327.82 KB
agenda_res._dec._1_2016.pdf338.53 KB
agenda_res._nov._16_2016.pdf241.14 KB
agenda_res._nov._9_2016.pdf304.59 KB
agenda_res._nov._7_2016.pdf184.36 KB
agenda_res._nov._3_2016.pdf368.2 KB
agenda_continued_nov._3_2016.pdf307.73 KB
agenda_res._oct._7_2016.pdf330.61 KB
agenda_continued_oct._7_2016.pdf324.7 KB
agenda_res._sept._1_2016.pdf309.94 KB
agenda_res._august_25_2016.pdf116.78 KB
agenda_res._aug._4_2016.pdf211 KB
agenda_continued_aug._4_2016.pdf333.03 KB
agenda_res._july_7_2016.pdf385.43 KB
agenda_continued_july_7_2016_2.pdf336.22 KB
agenda_res._june_2_2016.pdf325.86 KB
agenda_continued_june_2_2016.pdf314.64 KB
agenda_resolutions_for_may_5_2016_board_meeting.pdf101.74 KB
agenda_continued_may_5_2016.pdf376.05 KB
agenda_res._april_7_2016.pdf357.38 KB
agenda_res._march_28_2016.pdf189.78 KB
agenda_res._march_3_2016.pdf358.23 KB
agenda_continued_march_3_2016.pdf341.3 KB
agenda_continued_feb._4_2016.pdf140.63 KB
agenda_res._feb._4_2016.pdf359.11 KB
agenda_res._jan._7_2016.pdf510.37 KB
agenda_res._dec._18_2015.pdf411.61 KB
agenda_res._dec._3_2015.pdf372.36 KB
agenda_res._nov._20_2015.pdf348.2 KB
agenda_res._nov._10_2015.pdf319.78 KB
agenda_res._nov._5_2015.pdf370.91 KB
agenda_continued_nov._5_2015.pdf366.03 KB
agenda_res._oct._26_2015.pdf314.97 KB
agenda_resolution_october_1.pdf288.96 KB
agenda_resolution_october_1 _ 2015.pdf288.96 KB
agenda_res._sept._3_2015.pdf341.53 KB
agenda_continued_sept._3_2015.pdf122.74 KB
agenda_res._aug._6_2015.pdf348.1 KB
agenda_continued_aug._6_2015.pdf323.02 KB
agenda_res._july_2_2015.pdf72.43 KB
Agenda__Res._June_4_2015-1.pdf304.44 KB
Agenda_Continued_June_4_2015.pdf340.46 KB
Agenda__Res._May_7_2015.pdf359.42 KB
Agenda_Continued_May_7_2015.pdf310.86 KB
Agenda__Res._April_2_2015.pdf359.42 KB
Agenda_Continued_April_2_2015.pdf236.41 KB
Agenda__Res._March_23_2015.pdf286.71 KB
Agenda__Res._March_5_2015.pdf462.53 KB
Agenda_Continued_March_5_2015-1.pdf332.21 KB
Agenda__Res._Feb._5_2015.pdf448.64 KB
Agenda_Continued_Feb._5_2015.pdf349.49 KB
Agenda__Res._Dec._19_2014.pdf387.68 KB
Agenda__Res._Dec._4_2014.pdf410.2 KB
Agenda__Res._Nov._21_2014.pdf345.31 KB
Agenda__Res._Nov._18_2014.pdf119.88 KB
Agenda_Nov._12_2014.pdf110.63 KB
Agenda_Continued_Nov._6_2014.pdf328.11 KB
Agenda__Res._Nov._6_2014.pdf430.94 KB
Agenda__Res._Oct._2_2014.pdf313.3 KB
Agenda_Continued_Oct._2_2014.pdf392.42 KB
Agenda__Res._Sept._4_2014.pdf413.22 KB
Agenda_Continued_Sept._4_2014.pdf323.39 KB
Agenda__Res._Aug._7_2014.pdf348.32 KB
Agenda_Continued_Aug._7_2014.pdf317.84 KB
Agenda__Res._July_3_2014.pdf298.49 KB
Agenda__Res._June_5_2014.pdf314.38 KB
Agenda_Continued_June_5_2014.pdf291.92 KB
Agenda__Res._May_1_2014.pdf174.97 KB
Agenda_Continued_May_1_2014.pdf112.23 KB
Agenda__Res._April_3_2014-1.pdf113.75 KB
Agenda_Continued_April_3_2014.pdf117.69 KB
Agenda__Res._March_6_2014.pdf123.95 KB
Agenda_Continued_March_6_2014.pdf86.71 KB
Agenda & Res. Feb. 6, 2014.pdf152.26 KB
Agenda Continued Feb. 6, 2014.pdf110.75 KB
Agenda & Res. Jan 6, 2014.docx43.8 KB
Agenda & Res. Dec. 5, 2013-1.pdf199.74 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 21, 2013.pdf94.55 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 18, 2013-1.pdf99.9 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 13, 2013.pdf35.71 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 7, 2013.pdf179.71 KB
Agenda Continued Nov. 7, 2013-2.pdf90.59 KB
Agenda Continued Oct. 3, 2013-2.pdf124.24 KB
Agenda & Res. Oct. 3, 2013.pdf110.51 KB
Agenda & Res. Sept. 5, 2013.pdf148.57 KB
Agenda Continued Sept. 5, 2013.pdf109.68 KB
Agenda Continued Aug. 1, 2013.pdf93.18 KB
Agenda & Res. August 1, 2013.pdf141.53 KB
Agenda & Res. July 23, 2013.pdf12.08 KB
Agenda Continued July 3, 2013.pdf79.55 KB
Agenda & Res. July 3, 2013.pdf130.55 KB
Agenda & Res. June 24, 2013.pdf10.72 KB
Agenda & Res. May 2, 2013.pdf212.57 KB
Agenda & Res. June 6, 2013.pdf123.48 KB
Agenda Continued May 2, 2013.pdf92.61 KB
April 4, Agenda continued-1.pdf117.04 KB
AGENDA & RESOLUTIONS April 4, 2013 docx.pdf658.65 KB
Agenda Continued March 7, 2013.pdf137.2 KB
Agenda & Res. March 7, 2013.pdf156.56 KB
Agenda Continued Feb. 7, 2013.pdf112.35 KB
Amended Agenda - Feb. 7, 2013.pdf38.59 KB
Agenda & Res. Feb. 7, 2013.pdf228.85 KB
Agenda & Res. January 8, 2013.pdf193.45 KB
Agenda & Res. Dec. 14, 2012.pdf178.33 KB
Agenda & Res. Dec. 6, 2012.pdf157.55 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 27, 2012.pdf103.11 KB
Agenda Nov. 14, 2012.pdf18.01 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 9, 2012.pdf22.4 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 7, 2012.pdf149.88 KB
Agenda & Res. Nov. 1, 2012.pdf159.54 KB
Agenda Continued Nov. 1, 2012.pdf93.39 KB
Agenda & Res. Oct. 4, 2012.pdf160.43 KB
Agenda Continued Oct. 4, 2012.pdf112.59 KB
Agenda & Res. Sept. 6, 2012.pdf199.58 KB
Agenda Continued Aug. 2, 2012.pdf162.22 KB
Agenda & Res. Aug. 2, 2012.pdf40.83 KB
Agenda & Res. July 16, 2012.pdf91.67 KB


Hamilton County Polling Sites

Official Results April 19, 2016 Presidential Primary

Official Results September 13, 2016 State/Local Primary 

November 8, 2016 Sample Ballot - Town of Arietta (Proposition on second page)

November 8, 2016 Sample Ballot for all other districts

November 8, 2016 General Election UNOFFICIAL RESULTS

OFFICIAL RESULTS November 8, 2016 General Election


Proposed Local Law to override the tax levy limit click HERE

Marketing Summit give by the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST):

Proposed Local Laws 1-10 of 2017 click HERE

FOR SALE: The Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency is offering 2 parcels for sale on Elm Lake Road, in the Village of Speculator, NY. Please see the IDA page on this website under Economic Developemnt for more information.



COMMITTEE DAY - February 17, 2017

9:30 AM - CENTRAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE - Hamilton County Magistrate and Clerks Association -
To Discuss the Issue of Defense Council at Arraignment

10:00 AM - FINANCE COMMITTEE - Real Property Tax Director – Barry Baker - To Discuss Delinquent Tax Issues & Partial Real Property Tax Payments

10:30 AM - HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEES - Community Services Director – Bob Kleppang & Public Health Director – Susan Franko - To Discuss a Corporate Compliance Plan

11:00 AM - EP/ER COMMITTEE - EMS – Avis Warner, Ken Kuhrt, Don Purdy - Update

11:20 AM - PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE - Superintendent – Tracy Eldridge - Department Updates

1:30 PM - INTERNAL MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE - Employee Evaluations – Schedule to Follow from Kim

- (518) 548-3113

Board of Supervisors - (518) 548-6651

County Clerk - (518) 548-7111

County Treasurer - (518) 548-7911

Tourism Information - (800) 648 -5239