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Town of Benson Meetings, Agendas, Resolutions

Next Meeting:

Town Board Meeting - 
The next Regular Meeting of the Benson Town Board will be: July 12, 2017 at 6:30 PM.
2017 Tentative Tax Assessment Click HERE
2016 Final Tax Assessment Roll click HERE
To obtain burning permits: Department of Environmental Conservation: Ian Kerr 518-775-8357 

Other Business:

  • Audit Report for Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015 is available for inspection and copying in the Town Clerk's Office
  • Tentative tax rolls are posted on this site under Municipalities, for questions please call 863-6507.Also available are Complaint On Real Property Assessment forms (RP 524).
  • There are burial lots and family burial plots available in the Washburn Cemetery in upper Benson.
  • Benson delivers meals on wheels. 
  • Lifeline Discount Telephone Service Program CLICK HERE       
  • Court: Justice Court 3rd Wed./month at 6:00PM,Court Clerk3rd Wed./month at 6:00PM and the 1st Fri./month 5:45-6:45
benson_town_board_regular_meeting_minutes_feb._10_2016.pdf47.97 KB
resolution_41-16.pdf40.05 KB
resolution_40-16.pdf40.49 KB
town_of_benson_organizational_resolution_for_2016_1.pdf69.24 KB
agenda_res._dec._18_2015.pdf411.61 KB
spec._mtg._nov._19_2015.pdf39.57 KB
special_meeting_minutes_nov._16_2015.pdf43.38 KB
spec._meeting_minutes_nov._4_2015_2.pdf46.03 KB
special_meeting_minutes_nov._10_2015_1.pdf45.88 KB
spec._meeting_minutes_nov._4_2015_1.pdf46.03 KB
oct._14_2015_reg._meeting_minutes_1.pdf47.77 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
Organizational_Meeting_Resolutions_2015.pdf162.63 KB
Jan_5_Minutes.pdf98.57 KB
Jan_14_Reg_Meeting_Minutes.pdf107.75 KB
Minutes_Feb._18_2015.pdf107.55 KB
Resolution_48-15_motion.pdf560.62 KB
resolution_47-15.pdf186.55 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON_Resolution__46-15.pdf174.43 KB
Resolution__49-15.pdf172.27 KB
Meeting_Minutes_March_11_2015-1.pdf111.75 KB
resolution_55-15.pdf36.19 KB
Resolution_54-15_1.pdf36.74 KB
Resolution_53-15.pdf37.64 KB
Resolution__52-15.pdf37.61 KB
Resolution_51-15.pdf40.34 KB
Res._50-15.pdf36.92 KB
APRIL_2015_SPECIAL_MTG.pdf48.63 KB
Meeting_Minutes_April_8_2015.pdf49.84 KB
Ben_Minutes_May_2015.pdf47.12 KB
minutes_june_10_2015_meeting.pdf46.31 KB
special_meeting_minutes_june_22_2015.pdf46.71 KB
benson_reg._mtg._min._july_8_2015.pdf43.58 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.92 KB
reg._meeting_minutes_aug._12_2015.pdf47.41 KB
reg._mtg._min._july_8_2015.pdf43.58 KB
minutes_sept._9_2015_1.pdf48.41 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
minutes_sept._9_2015_1.pdf48.41 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
oct._14_2015_reg._meeting_minutes_1.pdf47.77 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON_Resolution_45-15.pdf98.22 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON__resolution_44-15-2.pdf175.55 KB
RESOLUTION_42-15.pdf96.35 KB
Meeting_Minutes_Special_Dec._292014.pdf75.13 KB
Meeting_Minutes_Dec._10_2014.pdf107.56 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Nov._12_2014.pdf113.67 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Oct._15_2014.pdf111.83 KB
Benson__Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Oct._8_2014.pdf100.95 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Minutes_Sept._10_2014_Meeting.pdf108.83 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_August_13_2014.pdf110.3 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_July_9_2014.pdf109.02 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_June_11_2014.pdf107.59 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Special_Meeting_May_21_2014.pdf100.76 KB
may_14_regular_meeting-1.pdf104.39 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_April_9_2014.docx15.24 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Special_Meeting_Mar._31_2014.pdf97.4 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_Mar._12_2014.pdf212.89 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_Feb._12_2014.pdf104.59 KB
Benson_Special_Meeting_Minutes_Feb._19_2014.pdf97.01 KB
Jan. 20th Special Meeting Minutes.pdf445.95 KB
Resolution__70.pdf181.05 KB
Resolution__69.pdf180.6 KB
Resolution_68.pdf180.06 KB
Resolution_67.pdf181.44 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_January_8_2014.pdf107.78 KB
resolution_64-14_to_adopt_budget_at_public_hearing-1.pdf97.16 KB
resolution_63-14_adopting_tentative_budget_to_be_preliminary_budget_2015.pdf97.85 KB
resolution_62-14_to_authorize_a_public_hearing_to_override_tax_cap.pdf99.95 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__61-14.pdf98.23 KB
Resolution_60-14-1.pdf189.52 KB
Resolution_59-14.pdf197.13 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_resolution_58-14.pdf61.62 KB
Resolution__57-14.docx13.6 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__55-14.pdf97.24 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution_54-14.pdf129.76 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__53-14-2.pdf130.83 KB
Resolution__52-14.pdf131.65 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__51-14.pdf130.78 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__50-14-1.pdf99.58 KB
Resolution__49-14.pdf99.8 KB
Resolution__48-14.pdf102.44 KB
resolution_47-14_1.pdf104.3 KB
RESOLUTION___46-14_Revised.pdf100.45 KB
RESOLUTION__45-14.pdf96.53 KB
RESOLUTION___44-14_revised.pdf97.46 KB
RESOLUTION__43-14.pdf98.35 KB
Organizational Meeting Resolutions (1).pdf172.12 KB
Approved Minutes Special Meeting Dec. 4, 2013.pdf93.53 KB
Benson Town Board Approved Minutes Regular Meeting Dec. 11, 2013.pdf104.59 KB
Approved Minutes Nov. 20, 2013.pdf8.73 KB
4-Regular Mtg Agenda 041013.pdf75.59 KB


2016 General Election Official Results

2016 Unofficial Primary Results 

Official Results April 19, 2016 Presidential Primary


FOR SALE: The Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency is offering 2 parcels for sale on Elm Lake Road, in the Village of Speculator, NY. Please see the IDA page on this website under Economic Development for more information.


COMMITTEE DAY - June 26, 2017

Employee Evaluations – Schedule to Follow from Kim

ROOST Update

Public Health – Transportation Bid Opening
and any other business that may come before said committee

Employee Evaluations – Schedule to Follow from Kim

Emergency Session of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors -  Monday, June 26, 2017 at 10:45 AM in the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers, Lake Pleasant, NY for the purpose of authorizing the purchase of a CAD System for the Sheriff’s Office dispatch and for any other business that may come before said Board.

Proposed Local Law  - 7 of 2016 Click HERE

Sheriff - (518) 548-3113

Board of Supervisors - (518) 548-6651

County Clerk - (518) 548-7111

County Treasurer - (518) 548-7911

Tourism Information - (800) 648 -5239