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Town of Benson Meetings, Agendas, Resolutions

Next Meeting:

Town Board Meeting - 
The next Regular Meeting of the Benson Town Board will be: November 8, 2017 at 6:30 PM
2017 Tentative Tax Assessment Click HERE
2016 Final Tax Assessment Roll click HERE
To obtain burning permits: Department of Environmental Conservation: Ian Kerr 518-775-8357 

Other Business:

  • Audit Report for Jan. 1, 2015 to Dec. 31, 2015 is available for inspection and copying in the Town Clerk's Office
  • Tentative tax rolls are posted on this site under Municipalities, for questions please call 863-6507.Also available are Complaint On Real Property Assessment forms (RP 524).
  • There are burial lots and family burial plots available in the Washburn Cemetery in upper Benson.
  • Benson delivers meals on wheels. 
  • Lifeline Discount Telephone Service Program CLICK HERE       
  • Court: Justice Court 3rd Wed./month at 6:00PM,Court Clerk3rd Wed./month at 6:00PM and the 1st Fri./month 5:45-6:45
benson_town_board_regular_meeting_minutes_feb._10_2016.pdf47.97 KB
resolution_41-16.pdf40.05 KB
resolution_40-16.pdf40.49 KB
town_of_benson_organizational_resolution_for_2016_1.pdf69.24 KB
agenda_res._dec._18_2015.pdf411.61 KB
spec._mtg._nov._19_2015.pdf39.57 KB
special_meeting_minutes_nov._16_2015.pdf43.38 KB
spec._meeting_minutes_nov._4_2015_2.pdf46.03 KB
special_meeting_minutes_nov._10_2015_1.pdf45.88 KB
spec._meeting_minutes_nov._4_2015_1.pdf46.03 KB
oct._14_2015_reg._meeting_minutes_1.pdf47.77 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
Organizational_Meeting_Resolutions_2015.pdf162.63 KB
Jan_5_Minutes.pdf98.57 KB
Jan_14_Reg_Meeting_Minutes.pdf107.75 KB
Minutes_Feb._18_2015.pdf107.55 KB
Resolution_48-15_motion.pdf560.62 KB
resolution_47-15.pdf186.55 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON_Resolution__46-15.pdf174.43 KB
Resolution__49-15.pdf172.27 KB
Meeting_Minutes_March_11_2015-1.pdf111.75 KB
resolution_55-15.pdf36.19 KB
Resolution_54-15_1.pdf36.74 KB
Resolution_53-15.pdf37.64 KB
Resolution__52-15.pdf37.61 KB
Resolution_51-15.pdf40.34 KB
Res._50-15.pdf36.92 KB
APRIL_2015_SPECIAL_MTG.pdf48.63 KB
Meeting_Minutes_April_8_2015.pdf49.84 KB
Ben_Minutes_May_2015.pdf47.12 KB
minutes_june_10_2015_meeting.pdf46.31 KB
special_meeting_minutes_june_22_2015.pdf46.71 KB
benson_reg._mtg._min._july_8_2015.pdf43.58 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.92 KB
reg._meeting_minutes_aug._12_2015.pdf47.41 KB
reg._mtg._min._july_8_2015.pdf43.58 KB
minutes_sept._9_2015_1.pdf48.41 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
resolution_56-15.pdf38.91 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
minutes_sept._9_2015_1.pdf48.41 KB
minutes_spec._meeting_sept._21_2015_1.pdf39.07 KB
oct._14_2015_reg._meeting_minutes_1.pdf47.77 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON_Resolution_45-15.pdf98.22 KB
TOWN_OF_BENSON__resolution_44-15-2.pdf175.55 KB
RESOLUTION_42-15.pdf96.35 KB
Meeting_Minutes_Special_Dec._292014.pdf75.13 KB
Meeting_Minutes_Dec._10_2014.pdf107.56 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Nov._12_2014.pdf113.67 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Oct._15_2014.pdf111.83 KB
Benson__Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_Oct._8_2014.pdf100.95 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Minutes_Sept._10_2014_Meeting.pdf108.83 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_August_13_2014.pdf110.3 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_July_9_2014.pdf109.02 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Meeting_Minutes_June_11_2014.pdf107.59 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Special_Meeting_May_21_2014.pdf100.76 KB
may_14_regular_meeting-1.pdf104.39 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_April_9_2014.docx15.24 KB
Benson_Town_Board_Special_Meeting_Mar._31_2014.pdf97.4 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_Mar._12_2014.pdf212.89 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_Feb._12_2014.pdf104.59 KB
Benson_Special_Meeting_Minutes_Feb._19_2014.pdf97.01 KB
Jan. 20th Special Meeting Minutes.pdf445.95 KB
Resolution__70.pdf181.05 KB
Resolution__69.pdf180.6 KB
Resolution_68.pdf180.06 KB
Resolution_67.pdf181.44 KB
Regular_Meeting_Minutes_January_8_2014.pdf107.78 KB
resolution_64-14_to_adopt_budget_at_public_hearing-1.pdf97.16 KB
resolution_63-14_adopting_tentative_budget_to_be_preliminary_budget_2015.pdf97.85 KB
resolution_62-14_to_authorize_a_public_hearing_to_override_tax_cap.pdf99.95 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__61-14.pdf98.23 KB
Resolution_60-14-1.pdf189.52 KB
Resolution_59-14.pdf197.13 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_resolution_58-14.pdf61.62 KB
Resolution__57-14.docx13.6 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__55-14.pdf97.24 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution_54-14.pdf129.76 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__53-14-2.pdf130.83 KB
Resolution__52-14.pdf131.65 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__51-14.pdf130.78 KB
BENSON_TOWN_BOARD_Resolution__50-14-1.pdf99.58 KB
Resolution__49-14.pdf99.8 KB
Resolution__48-14.pdf102.44 KB
resolution_47-14_1.pdf104.3 KB
RESOLUTION___46-14_Revised.pdf100.45 KB
RESOLUTION__45-14.pdf96.53 KB
RESOLUTION___44-14_revised.pdf97.46 KB
RESOLUTION__43-14.pdf98.35 KB
Organizational Meeting Resolutions (1).pdf172.12 KB
Approved Minutes Special Meeting Dec. 4, 2013.pdf93.53 KB
Benson Town Board Approved Minutes Regular Meeting Dec. 11, 2013.pdf104.59 KB
Approved Minutes Nov. 20, 2013.pdf8.73 KB
4-Regular Mtg Agenda 041013.pdf75.59 KB



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Official September 12, 2017 Primary Results



Poll Site Locations





FOR SALE: The Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency is offering 2 parcels for sale on Elm Lake Road, in the Village of Speculator, NY. Please see the IDA page on this website under Economic Development for more information.


Health Committee meeting at 2:00 PM on Monday, October 16, 2017 in the Conference Room in Lake Pleasant, NY to discuss the RN position in Public Health.

Resolution No. 259-17 adopted by the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors on Oct. 5, 2017 setting the Annual Session Dates. 
November 2, 10:30 AM
November 7, 10:30 AM
November 14, 10:30 AM
November 27, 10:30 AM
December 7, AUDIT 10:30 AM
December 15, AUDIT 10:30 AM

Proposed Local Law  - 7 of 2016 Click HERE

Sheriff - (518) 548-3113

Board of Supervisors - (518) 548-6651

County Clerk - (518) 548-7111

County Treasurer - (518) 548-7911

Tourism Information - (800) 648 -5239