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Meeting Minutes

Following are the past meeting minutes for 2014 to current.

Minutes Nov. 9, 2022.pdf154.69 KB
Minutes Nov. 7, 2022.pdf189.75 KB
Minutes Nov. 3, 2022.pdf304.39 KB
Minutes Oct. 31, 2022.pdf163.42 KB
Minutes Oct. 6, 2022 (1).pdf285.06 KB
Minutes Sept. 1, 2022 (1).pdf304.86 KB
Minutes August 4, 2022.pdf305.98 KB
Minutes July 7, 2022.pdf284.29 KB
Minutes June 2, 2022.pdf224.87 KB
Minutes May 23, 2022.pdf164.49 KB
Minutes May 5, 2022.pdf443.04 KB
Minutes April 25, 2022.pdf211.47 KB
Minutes April 7, 2022.pdf398.19 KB
Minutes March 3, 2022.pdf368.22 KB
Minutes Feb. 3, 2022.pdf508.89 KB
Minutes Jan. 6, 2022.pdf477.62 KB
Minutes Dec. 17, 2021.pdf429.53 KB
Minutes Dec. 2, 2021.pdf364.25 KB
Minutes Nov. 19, 2021.pdf347.34 KB
Minutes Nov. 16, 2021.pdf294.77 KB
Minutes Nov. 10, 2021.pdf312.26 KB
Minutes Nov. 8, 2021.pdf328.19 KB
Minutes Nov. 4, 2021.pdf489.1 KB
Minutes, October 7, 2021.pdf269.97 KB
Minutes Sept. 2, 2021.pdf391.75 KB
Minutes August 5 2021.pdf402.58 KB
Minutes July 26 2021.pdf299.87 KB
Minutes July 1, 2021.pdf374.53 KB
Minutes June 4, 2021.pdf256.34 KB
Minutes May 24, 2021.pdf339.17 KB
Minutes May 6, 2021.pdf430.77 KB
Minutes April 1, 2021.pdf408.01 KB
Minutes March 4, 2021.pdf405.06 KB
Minutes Feb. 4, 2021.pdf453.77 KB
Minutes Jan. 7, 2021.pdf589.16 KB
Minutes Dec. 18, 2020.pdf411.46 KB
Minutes Dec. 3, 2020.pdf331.88 KB
Minutes Nov. 20, 2020.pdf303.71 KB
Minutes Nov. 17, 2020.pdf196.28 KB
Minutes Nov. 12, 2020.pdf117.66 KB
Minutes Nov. 9, 2020.pdf299.03 KB
Minutes Nov. 5, 2020.pdf417.18 KB
Minutes Oct. 1, 2020 (1).pdf373.81 KB
Minutes Sept. 21, 2020.pdf309.39 KB
Minutes Sept. 3, 2020.pdf382.33 KB
Minutes August 6, 2020.pdf535.7 KB
Minutes July 27, 2020.pdf291.08 KB
Minutes July 2, 2020.pdf337.13 KB
Minutes June 4, 2020.pdf379.75 KB
Minutes May 7 2020.pdf425.4 KB
Minutes April 2 2020.pdf429.79 KB
Minutes March 5, 2020.pdf508.29 KB
Minutes Feb. 6, 2020.pdf368.44 KB
Minutes Jan. 24, 2020.pdf330.75 KB
Minutes Jan. 7, 2020.pdf540.47 KB
Minutes Dec. 27, 2019.pdf215.8 KB
Minutes Dec. 20, 2019.pdf499.3 KB
Minutes Dec. 5 2019.pdf383.21 KB
Minutes Nov. 22 2019.pdf245.81 KB
Minutes Nov. 18, 2019.pdf236.62 KB
Minutes Nov. 7, 2019.pdf417.11 KB
Minutes Oct. 3, 2019.pdf436.47 KB
Minutes Sept. 23, 2019.pdf226.15 KB
Minutes Sept. 5 2019.pdf276.78 KB
Minutes August 26, 2019.pdf213.93 KB
Minutes August 1, 2019.pdf259 KB
Minutes July 22, 2019.pdf225.39 KB
Minutes July 3, 2019.pdf293.21 KB
Minutes June 6, 2019.pdf482.92 KB
Minutes May 28, 2019.pdf250 KB
Minutes April 9, 2019.pdf408.21 KB
Minutes March 25, 2019.pdf243.3 KB
Minutes March 7 2019.pdf271.29 KB
Minutes Feb. 25 2019.pdf230.18 KB
Minutes Feb. 7 2019.pdf315.29 KB
Minutes Jan. 28 2019.pdf209.64 KB
Minutes Jan. 3 2019.pdf356.45 KB
Minutes Dec. 19 2018.pdf295.26 KB
Minutes Dec. 6 2018.pdf358.02 KB
Minutes Nov. 26, 2018.pdf275.51 KB
Minutes Nov. 14 2018.pdf125.55 KB
Minutes Nov. 7 2018.pdf219.23 KB
Minutes Nov. 1 2018.pdf431.99 KB
Minutes Oct. 4 2018.pdf358.62 KB
Minutes Sept. 6 2018.pdf296.01 KB
Minutes August 2 2018.pdf300.65 KB
Agenda Res. Aug. 2 2018.pdf344.53 KB
Minutes July 23 2018.pdf208.98 KB
Minutes July 5 2018.pdf335.43 KB
Minutes June 7, 2018.pdf387.6 KB
Minutes May 3 2018.pdf401.6 KB
Minutes April 17, 2018.pdf217.5 KB
Minutes April 5 2018.pdf350.87 KB
Minutes March 1 2018.pdf313.22 KB
Minutes February 1 2018.pdf324.94 KB
Minutes January 22 2018.pdf229.11 KB
Minutes January 4 2018.pdf331.41 KB
Minutes Dec. 15 2017.pdf269.38 KB
Minutes Dec. 7 2017.pdf273.6 KB
Minutes Nov. 27 2017.pdf283.5 KB
Minutes Nov. 13 2017.pdf217.6 KB
Minutes Nov. 7 2017 (2).pdf155.29 KB
Minutes Nov. 2 2017.pdf396.59 KB
Minutes Oct. 5, 2017.pdf383.3 KB
Minutes Sept. 11 2017.pdf216.88 KB
Minutes Sept. 7 2017.pdf462.89 KB
Minutes August 28 2017.pdf263.09 KB
Minutes August 3, 2017.pdf302.93 KB
Minutes July 6 2017.pdf299.21 KB
Minutes June 26 2017.pdf210.67 KB
Minutes June 1 2017.pdf297.44 KB
Minutes May 22 2017.pdf216.61 KB
Minutes May 4 2017.pdf305.79 KB
Minutes April 7, 2017.pdf333.03 KB
Minutes March 27, 2017.pdf232.89 KB
Minutes March 2 2017.pdf328.88 KB
Minutes February 2 2017.pdf319.53 KB
minutes_january_5_2017.pdf383.69 KB
minutes_dec._16_2016.pdf312.88 KB
minutes_dec._1_2016.pdf239.46 KB
minutes_nov._16_2016.pdf156.53 KB
minutes_nov._9_2016.pdf228.16 KB
minutes_nov._7_2016.pdf210.23 KB
minutes_nov._3_2016.pdf300.32 KB
minutes_oct._7_2016.pdf304.69 KB
minutes_sept._1_2016.pdf289.45 KB
minutes_august_4_2016.pdf527.28 KB
minutes_july_7_2016.pdf603.54 KB
Minutes January 5, 2017.pdf383.69 KB
Agenda Res. Feb. 2 2017.pdf443.82 KB
minutes_june_2_2016.pdf276.55 KB
minutes_may_5_2016.pdf338.93 KB
minutes_april_7_2016.pdf317.54 KB
minutes_march_28_2016.pdf208.38 KB
minutes_march_3_2016.pdf322.25 KB
minutes_february_4_2016.pdf307.6 KB
minutes_dec._18_2015.pdf328.71 KB
358-15-z30153953-0001.pdf444.83 KB
minutes_dec._3_2015.pdf266.39 KB
minutes_nov._20_2015.pdf270.79 KB
minutes_nov._10_2015.pdf229.94 KB
minutes_nov._5_2015.pdf323.18 KB
minutes_oct._26_2015.pdf242.8 KB
minutes_oct._1_2015.pdf319.1 KB
minutes_sept._18_2015.pdf211.1 KB
minutes_sept._3_2015.pdf274.71 KB
minutes_august_6_2015.pdf312.2 KB
minutes_july_2_2015.pdf298 KB
Minutes_May_7_2015-1.pdf295.89 KB
Minutes_April_2_2015.pdf305.44 KB
Minutes_March_23_2015.pdf205.56 KB
CDBG-327123443-0001.pdf27.18 KB
Minutes_February_5_2015.pdf425.65 KB
Minutes_January_8_2015.pdf339.98 KB
Minutes_Dec._19_2014.pdf304.72 KB
Minutes_Dec._4_2014.pdf305.05 KB
Minutes_Nov._21_2014.pdf258.11 KB
Minutes_Nov._18_2014-1.pdf132.69 KB
Minutes_Nov._12_2014.pdf136.3 KB
Minutes_Nov._6_2014.pdf316.96 KB
Minutes_Oct._2_2014.pdf261.13 KB
Minutes_Sept._4_2014-1.pdf361.94 KB
Minutes_August_7_2014.pdf307.43 KB
Minutes_July_3_2014.pdf273.63 KB
Minutes_June_5_2014.pdf303.46 KB
Minutes_May_1_2014-1.pdf306.25 KB
Minutes_April_22_2014.pdf179.57 KB
Minutes_April_3_2014.pdf125.8 KB
Minutes_March_6_2014.pdf147.62 KB
Minutes_Feb._6_2014.pdf173.65 KB
Minutes_Jan._6_2014.pdf191.87 KB