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Meeting Minutes

Following are the past meeting minutes for 2014 to current.

Minutes April 9, 2019.pdf408.21 KB
Minutes March 25, 2019.pdf243.3 KB
Minutes March 7 2019.pdf271.29 KB
Minutes Feb. 25 2019.pdf230.18 KB
Minutes Feb. 7 2019.pdf315.29 KB
Minutes Jan. 28 2019.pdf209.64 KB
Minutes Jan. 3 2019.pdf356.45 KB
Minutes Dec. 19 2018.pdf295.26 KB
Minutes Dec. 6 2018.pdf358.02 KB
Minutes Nov. 26, 2018.pdf275.51 KB
Minutes Nov. 14 2018.pdf125.55 KB
Minutes Nov. 7 2018.pdf219.23 KB
Minutes Nov. 1 2018.pdf431.99 KB
Minutes Oct. 4 2018.pdf358.62 KB
Minutes Sept. 6 2018.pdf296.01 KB
Minutes August 2 2018.pdf300.65 KB
Agenda Res. Aug. 2 2018.pdf344.53 KB
Minutes July 23 2018.pdf208.98 KB
Minutes July 5 2018.pdf335.43 KB
Minutes June 7, 2018.pdf387.6 KB
Minutes May 3 2018.pdf401.6 KB
Minutes April 17, 2018.pdf217.5 KB
Minutes April 5 2018.pdf350.87 KB
Minutes March 1 2018.pdf313.22 KB
Minutes February 1 2018.pdf324.94 KB
Minutes January 22 2018.pdf229.11 KB
Minutes January 4 2018.pdf331.41 KB
Minutes Dec. 15 2017.pdf269.38 KB
Minutes Dec. 7 2017.pdf273.6 KB
Minutes Nov. 27 2017.pdf283.5 KB
Minutes Nov. 13 2017.pdf217.6 KB
Minutes Nov. 7 2017 (2).pdf155.29 KB
Minutes Nov. 2 2017.pdf396.59 KB
Minutes Oct. 5, 2017.pdf383.3 KB
Minutes Sept. 11 2017.pdf216.88 KB
Minutes Sept. 7 2017.pdf462.89 KB
Minutes August 28 2017.pdf263.09 KB
Minutes August 3, 2017.pdf302.93 KB
Minutes July 6 2017.pdf299.21 KB
Minutes June 26 2017.pdf210.67 KB
Minutes June 1 2017.pdf297.44 KB
Minutes May 22 2017.pdf216.61 KB
Minutes May 4 2017.pdf305.79 KB
Minutes April 7, 2017.pdf333.03 KB
Minutes March 27, 2017.pdf232.89 KB
Minutes March 2 2017.pdf328.88 KB
Minutes February 2 2017.pdf319.53 KB
minutes_january_5_2017.pdf383.69 KB
minutes_dec._16_2016.pdf312.88 KB
minutes_dec._1_2016.pdf239.46 KB
minutes_nov._16_2016.pdf156.53 KB
minutes_nov._9_2016.pdf228.16 KB
minutes_nov._7_2016.pdf210.23 KB
minutes_nov._3_2016.pdf300.32 KB
minutes_oct._7_2016.pdf304.69 KB
minutes_sept._1_2016.pdf289.45 KB
minutes_august_4_2016.pdf527.28 KB
minutes_july_7_2016.pdf603.54 KB
Minutes January 5, 2017.pdf383.69 KB
Agenda Res. Feb. 2 2017.pdf443.82 KB
minutes_june_2_2016.pdf276.55 KB
minutes_may_5_2016.pdf338.93 KB
minutes_april_7_2016.pdf317.54 KB
minutes_march_28_2016.pdf208.38 KB
minutes_march_3_2016.pdf322.25 KB
minutes_february_4_2016.pdf307.6 KB
minutes_dec._18_2015.pdf328.71 KB
358-15-z30153953-0001.pdf444.83 KB
minutes_dec._3_2015.pdf266.39 KB
minutes_nov._20_2015.pdf270.79 KB
minutes_nov._10_2015.pdf229.94 KB
minutes_nov._5_2015.pdf323.18 KB
minutes_oct._26_2015.pdf242.8 KB
minutes_oct._1_2015.pdf319.1 KB
minutes_sept._18_2015.pdf211.1 KB
minutes_sept._3_2015.pdf274.71 KB
minutes_august_6_2015.pdf312.2 KB
minutes_july_2_2015.pdf298 KB
Minutes_May_7_2015-1.pdf295.89 KB
Minutes_April_2_2015.pdf305.44 KB
Minutes_March_23_2015.pdf205.56 KB
Minutes_March_5_2015.pdf304.73 KB
Minutes_February_5_2015.pdf425.65 KB
Minutes_January_8_2015.pdf339.98 KB
Minutes_Dec._19_2014.pdf304.72 KB
Minutes_Dec._4_2014.pdf305.05 KB
Minutes_Nov._21_2014.pdf258.11 KB
Minutes_Nov._18_2014-1.pdf132.69 KB
Minutes_Nov._12_2014.pdf136.3 KB
Minutes_Nov._6_2014.pdf316.96 KB
Minutes_Oct._2_2014.pdf261.13 KB
Minutes_Sept._4_2014-1.pdf361.94 KB
Minutes_August_7_2014.pdf307.43 KB
Minutes_July_3_2014.pdf273.63 KB
Minutes_June_5_2014.pdf303.46 KB
Minutes_May_1_2014-1.pdf306.25 KB
Minutes_April_22_2014.pdf179.57 KB
Minutes_April_3_2014.pdf125.8 KB
Minutes_March_6_2014.pdf147.62 KB
Minutes_Feb._6_2014.pdf173.65 KB
Minutes_Jan._6_2014.pdf191.87 KB