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Old Home Days Parade 2011

HCPHNS volunteered to create a float for the 2011 Old Home Days Parade.  The theme of the parade this year was "Disney".  HCPHNS chose the movie 101 Dalmatians and linked it to the Rabies Clinics that we provided throughout the year.  Going along with our theme, we gave out a baggie with dog bones with Rabies information and a recipe for a natural dog bone that could be made at home.  The HCPHNS float won the "Funniest Float" of the parade and was given $75.00.  HCPHNS donated the $75.00 to the Wells' Food Pantry.

Back of the float

Wiring up the sound system

Cruela and two dogs getting ready for the parade

Front of the float

Rabies Clinic

Cruela and dogs singing

Dog getting her rabies shot

Who helped the dogs out?!?

Receiving the trophy for funniest float

Donating the winnings to the Wells' Food Pantry