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Court Offices & Chambers

139 White Birch Lane, Indian Lake, NY 12842
Phone Number
(518) 648-5411

Court Clerk's Office- Family, County & Surrogate's Court

139 White Birch Lane, P.O. Box 780
Indian Lake, N.Y. 12842
Phone: (518) 648-5411     


Chief Clerk:  Araina C. Eldridge
Deputy Chief Clerk:  Michelle DeShaw

*All court sessions held at: Lake Pleasant Courthouse, 102 County View Drive, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108

Judge of Family, County & Surrogate's Court Chambers

P.O. Box 780 139 White Birch Lane
Indian Lake, NY 12842
Phone: (518)648-5966

Judge:  Hon. Tatiana N. Coffinger

Court Attorney:  Lynn Pucciarelli
Secretary to Judge:   Natasha Gadway