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Industrial Development Agency (I.D.A.)

102 County View Drive, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108
Phone Number
(518) 548-3078 
Fax Number
(518) 548-3091

About Us

The Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency is a public benefit corporation with the mission to advance the general prosperity and economic welfare of the citizens of Hamilton County. The primary objective of the agency is to encourage and assist entrepreneurial activity, business expansion and job creation.

The Hamilton County IDA actively promotes, encourages, attracts and develops job growth, recreational opportunities and economically sound commerce and industry throughout the county. Toward that end the agency manages a small business revolving loan fund, may issue both taxable and non-taxable bonds and is empowered to offer a broad range of tax incentives.

The Hamilton County IDA was created by special act of the NYS legislature pursuant to section 857 of the General Municipal Law of the State of New York. The special act establishing the agency was passed on July 21st, 1986 by chapter 461 of the laws of 1986.

The Hamilton County Industrial Development Agency has offices at 102 County View Drive, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108.

The Agency holds its annual meeting in January and has scheduled meetings every other month. The agency's meeting schedule is published annually in the Hamilton County News, posted on the bulletin board in the Hamilton County Courthouse entrance and appears on this website. As the need arises, the agency may hold additional meetings.

Notice of these special meetings will be sent to the Hamilton County News and will appear on this site.

The members of the Hamilton County IDA are all volunteers. Each has signed a Code of Ethics, a Fiduciary Responsibility Agreement and has received the required, formal training under the Public Authorities Accountability Act.

The Executive Director and the Secretary of the agency (both non-voting staff) are employees of the County of Hamilton.

The Board

Chris Rhodes, Chairman
William G. Farber, Morehouse, Vice-Chairman
Tim Brownsell, Inlet, Treasurer
James H.  Bateman, Long Lake
Robert C. Peck, Speculator
Timothy J. Pine, Indian Lake
Steve Tomlinson, Hope


Christy L. Wilt, Arietta, Executive Director |
Laura A. Abrams, Arietta, Secretary 

Board Appointments dates click HERE

For live viewing of meetings please visit:

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