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Soil & Water Conservation District

103 County View Drive, Lake Pleasant, NY  12108
Phone Number
(518) 548-3991  
Fax Number
(518) 548-5602


Lake and steam water quality monitoring.Invasive species outreach education and management. Sediment erosion control including hydroseeding. Tree and shrub sale. Lake and shoreline management assistance. Technical assistance. Streambank erosion stabilization. Private well testing throughout the summer. Student and community conservation education outreach. Envirothon Conservation Field Day. Student outdoor learning experiences. Stormwater and alternative septic system information. Monthly Conservation Corner and Annual Newsletter.

For more information on our programs, visit the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District Website at:

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District Manager: Caitlin Stewart
Technician: Lenny Croote
Technician: Katie WhitKovits
Clerk, Secretary to the Board: Marj Remias

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00AM to 4:30PM