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Emergency Preparedness

The Hamilton County Public Health Nursing Service Emergency Preparedness Program (EPP) works with other public health programs to develop strategies to anticipate, detect, assess and understand the health risks and impacts of an emergency.

The EPP develops plans to prepare Hamilton County to respond to, mitigate and recover from all public health threats and emergencies.

Sources of public health emergencies include, but are not limited to:

  • Bioterrorism
  • Communicable disease outbreaks
  • Chemical accidents or attacks
  • Natural disasters

The EPP works closely with the Hamilton County Emergency Services Department, the NYS Department of Health, and health departments and hospitals in neighboring counties to maximize response efforts.

The EPP serves as a resource for health providers, schools, businesses and the general public in matters of emergency preparedness.


Prepare your family in advance

  • Create and test a family emergency plan

  • Prepare emergency supplies for your family

  • Pets are family members – prepare them for emergencies too

Become a volunteer

  • Check with your town to see where help is needed

  • Sign up at ServeNY to volunteer with the Hamilton County and/or state health department

  • Call Hamilton County Public Health directly at 518-548-6497 to volunteer

Emergency Preparedness Quiz

Click here to take a brief quiz to see how prepared you are for emergencies!

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It CAN Happen Here!

Incidents identified as potential (and/or historical) hazards in Hamilton County:

Click on each hazard listed to find out how to prepare

Other Preparedness Resources