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Available Services


Clinical counseling services are available for individuals, couples, and families. Counseling entails meeting with a therapist in a private setting on a regular basis. An assessment, followed by treatment planning and intervention are undertaken. Frequent monitoring and review of progress toward goals is done routinely. Completion of a course of therapy is ideally the result of joint decision between clinician and client.

Psychiatric Services

A consulting psychiatrist comes to Hamilton County on a regular basis and conducts psychiatric evaluations and, when indicated, prescribes psychotropic medication and monitors their effectiveness.

Psychological Services

A consulting psychologist comes to Hamilton County on a regular basis and conducts Court Ordered Evaluations, psychological testing, consultation, co-therapy, in-service training, community outreach, and psychotherapy.

Alcohol, Substance Abuse, and Chemical Dependency Services

Hamilton County has contractual agreements with providers of treatment services which are offered at several sites within the county. Comprehensive treatment is also available for individuals with both emotional and chemical dependency problems.