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Child Support

Children are entitled to financial support from both parents. Under New York law, a parent is to provide financial support for a child until the age of 21. Even if the parents were never married or ever lived with the child, they are obligated to provide support. Any parent who does not live with their child may be ordered to pay support.

We provide child support services for residents of Hamilton County.  Our services include paternity establishment , child support establishment/enforcement, and health insurance establishment/enforcement.  We assist clients throughout the entire process. We accompany clients to each family court appearance and maintain records on our system.

Even if the absent parent lives in another state, we can provide services.

When coming in to apply for support services, it is very helpful to have as much documentation as possible. These items include : marriage/divorce papers, birth certificates, any existing orders, work history and social security cards. The more information that is provided, the faster we can locate absent parents and obtain court orders.

Caseworker is: Dyanne Crotty  


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