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Each client has different needs and it is our duty to complete a skills assessment to determine what trainings may be available to advance their opportunities in the job market.  These trainings can be found and set up by our OneWorkSource representatives.


Specialized trainings will be offered throughout the year at our OneWorkSource site in IndianLake.  For more advanced trainings, representatives of OneWorkSource may have to arrange for a client to participate in trainings outside of the county, or online. 

General trainings may be offered within the county.  Trainings will include:

  • Basic computer skills-word processor (At local libraries)
  • “How-to-interview” training: Interview etiquette
  • Resume development (individual training, can be scheduled at any time)


*Not all trainings will be available immediately or within our county.  Traveling will be required for some trainings 


  • Attire/Professional Dress training