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One Work Source

OneWorkSource is a mutual place for employers and prospective employees to find the resources that have been lacking in this county.  We offer a variety of services to help promote local employment and to advance an individuals opportunities in the job market.  Some of the services we will be building in the future include:


  • Interview Techniques and Practice                
  • Interview Attire
  • Resume Development
  • Training Workshops
  • Computer Training
  • Internet Access for Job Searching
  • On-the-job Training Opportunities
  • Resource Library
  • Networking Skills Training
  • Work Skills and Exploration



Who can use it?  Anyone!

The OneWorkSource program has funds that can help clients in several ways.


There are three categories of eligible clients:

    1. Dislocated workers
    2. Adult (Over 18 years of age)
    3. Youth (14-21 years of age, low income)